2020 Bible Teachers’ Workshop

The workshop is open to pastors, church workers, and any men or women involved vocationally or voluntarily in Bible teaching ministries.

This is the 18th Hunter Gospel Ministries Bible teachers’ workshop. It’s a great opportunity to become more skilled in the use of one of God’s powerful weapons.

The workshop runs over two days. Each year we have addressed a different aspect of Bible teaching and preaching. We have five basic aims:-

1. To re-kindle an excitement with respect to God’s living word, and the power of that word for salvation (Recognising that many pastors and bible teachers often lose that excitement)

2. To help those present to be excited about preaching and teaching ‘the whole counsel of God’ as the ‘mainstay’ of their ministry.

3. To encourage and assist them to be better (more faithful and engaging) preachers and teachers of each of the various parts of God’s word, as well as various topical themes.

4. To send delegates away with ‘the bones of’ a sermon or teaching series they can work through in their local church. This ensures dividends on the time investment of two days:- both practical engagement on the day, and also benefit in programming subsequent preaching or teaching series.

5. To foster a network of friends and supporters in the hunter region – ie develop more of a we’re-on-the-same-team approach to Christ’s work in the Hunter. Hence the ‘workshop’ approach and a determination to maintain a really personal feel to it (chatting through things and working together on the text with guidance rather than a lecture mode), has been a considered aim.

Over the years we have had David Cook (Sermon preparation techniques), Peter Adam (Preaching that makes the OT sing), Graeme Goldsworthy (Preaching Biblical Theology), Lindsay Wilson (preaching Wisdom Literature), Andrew Cameron (Preaching Ethics), Murray Capill (The preacher as pastor and the pastor as preacher), Mike Raiter (Preaching Numbers), Barry Webb (Song Of Songs & Ruth), David Starling (2 Corinthians), Peter & Christine Jensen, Greg Goswell (Joel & Amos), Michael Jensen (Bible + Culture), Gary Miller (Zechariah), Geoff Harper (Leviticus) and Dr Peter O’Brien.